Job Description

We’re seeking a Professional Office Manager who will keep our team’s business operations and activities organized and running smoothly. The ideal candidate will take initiative, have superior organizational skills, and will have the ability to handle multiple high priority requests while maintaining a professional demeanor with people both inside and outside of the company. The ideal candidate will also be able to anticipate the needs of the office and the team, offering their expertise and guidance along the way.
Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
·Onboarding new employees, including sales enablement coordination (network access, phone setup, business cards, laptop, etc.)
·Organizing events, both internally and externally (holiday parties, executive meetings, networking events, etc.)
·Ordering office supplies and snacks
·Answering and directing or screening phone calls
·Filing and retrieving corporate documents, records, and reports
·Coordinating travel plans for employees
·Executive Calendar management
·Friendly and enthusiastic demeanor
·Positive attitude
·Excellent organization skills
·1-3 years administrative experience
·Ability to prioritize tasks
·Time management
·Composed under pressure
·Ability to multi-task
·Bachelor’s degree


About VMTurbo

Overview: As companies of all sizes adopt “cloud infrastructures” they have to think differently about how they manage and control their environment. Our solution is simple: VMTurbo delivers service assurance and infrastructure efficiency for cloud and virtualized environments which is critical to every business. Backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Globespan Capital, our team has spent the past five years building a revolutionary product that has already helped hundreds of companies re-think the future of their data center and their journey to “the cloud.” Our offering is both unique and dynamic in terms of its compelling capabilities, BUT our success will be dependent on the quality of people we hire! Recruiting the best, retaining them and setting them up for success will allow our business and employees to prosper and thrive. Products & Services: VMTurbo isn’t your grandmother’s monitor – it’s a Software-Driven Control system for virtualized data centers that actually manages your data center rather than just presenting more data. VMTurbo doesn’t force users to consume an ever-growing mountain of data to make decisions about how to keep their environment in a healthy state – we give that data to the VMs to work out. How? VMTurbo Operations Manager – our core platform – leverages basic economic theory. In effect, VMTurbo “teaches” the VMs how to price their resources based on efficient market supply and demand. This market-based process enables business’s data center to generate the actions needed to drive it to a healthy state and control it there. In doing so, VMTurbo assures application performance while maximizing the utilization of a data center’s physical – and human – resources.

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