As a member of our research engineering team, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Design and implement natural language processing algorithms
  • Semantic modeling of textual data
  • Write scripts and tools for performance analysis
  • Contribute to technical documentation of system modules and results


  • BS, MS or PhD in computer science or related discipline 
  • Strong background in statistical modeling, NLP and machine learning 
  • Programming experience in C/C++, Java 
  • Proficiency with Python, Ruby, Shell scripting, Databases, Git, AWS EC2 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 

About Cognii

Cognii is an educational technology startup that creates the virtual personal learning assistants for online learning. Its natural language processing technology enables automatic assessment of essay answers along with qualitative feedback for personalized self-paced learning. Its alternative to multiple choice based assessment helps students learn better, saves teacher's time, and lowers the cost of delivering engaging education. 

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