You love writing beautiful functional apps for a living. You’re part engineer, part visual artist, part interaction designer. Navdy’s apps run on iOS and Android phones. They also run on the HUD itself, which runs a version of Android. We have as many designers on staff as we have software developers. But we’re looking for software developers who could build beautifully designed apps without help from our designers.

Required skills:

- 4+ years experience in either iOS or Android. Deep knowledge of your platform of choice, so you can bend it to your will.

- Deep knowledge of Java or Objective-C, whatever the tools of your craft are.

- A portfolio of 2 or more great apps. They don’t need to be popular. They just need to be great.

Preferred skills:

- Bonus if you’ve developed for both iOS and Android

- Bonus if you’ve done backend work

- See more at: https://www.navdy.com/jobs#sthash.RT2jmqBJ.dpuf

About Navdy Inc,

Navdy is a Head-Up Display (HUD) that enables a dramatically better way to use your apps in the car. With Navdy, your apps appear as a transparent image floating outside of your windshield which allows you to keep your eyes on the road while using your phone. Touch-less gesture recognition means that you never have to look down while navigating, communicating and accessing your music. Navdy feels like driving in the future and will change the relationship you have with your phone and car, forever. 

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