You are looking for an opportunity to join a lean and agile team of experienced software developers. You want to work with new technologies and platforms, and have both the ability and strong desire to take on an individual assignment and complete it soup to nuts. Please read through the full description below for responsibilities and requirements.

Most projects will be written in C# with ASP.Net MVC 4 and the Razor view engine. You will also put to use strong SQL and ORM skills. Senior Developers are expected to be at the top of their game, understand complex business domains and use their skills to create great products.

You’ll be responsible for the following software feature activities:

•  Shared responsibility in the Design and Architecture of a feature
•  Ensure that the proper “plumbing” is in place for the given feature
•  Analyze complexity
•  Implementation (i.e. coding) of the feature in a mostly vertical fashion (i.e UI, Business Layer, Database Access and Schema Design, External Interfaces)
•  Ensure quality of implementation and support the feature during testing/bug fixing phase
•  Ensure overall quality of the software (quality of code, performance, security, extensibility, etc.)

Qualities / Attributes of an excellent Senior Software Developer:

•  Smart and gets the job done
•  Motivated, works extra without being asked
•  Technically strong, has deep understanding of current and future technology
•  Has a strong technical “gut feel”, hunches about where problems lie (hunches are more right than wrong)
•  Must be a great team member
•  Passionate about the team, project and work
•  Hardworking and fully dedicated to the success of the project
•  Is a constant learner, continuous contributor to team IQ level
•  Pushing innovation and emerging technologies forward
•  Able to interface and communicate effectively with people in other parts of the company

The Senior Developer will ideally have 4-6 years of web application / platform development, have experience starting, completing and supporting SaaS solutions and be able to:

•  Identify any gaps in application platform, propose and implement solutions
•  Become a key contributor to feature scoping and development estimates. Your projections have a high (90%+) degree of accuracy. You rarely, if ever, miss the due date
•  Be responsible for implementation (i.e engineering and coding)  features in a mostly vertical fashion (i.e UI, Business Layer, Database Access and Schema Design, External Interfaces). Senior developer is able to code across all levels with ease. Their code is well structured and displays best practices in software development
•  Ensure quality of implementation and support the feature during testing/bug fixing phase. Senior developers are proactive about developer testing. They frequently utilize unit tests to ensure long term health of their code. Senior developers have drastically less bugs in their code. They are quick to fix issues that come up.
•  Use engineering know-how and common sense to assess impact of their work on the platform
•  As much as you love the elegance and power of good architecture, your number one focus is delivering software to do the job and you pride yourself on doing that well
•  Tackle hard engineering problems with many unknowns, fail fast, find how to get the job done

Technical Requirements:

•  Ability to code in C# (4.0+)
•  Knowledge of  ASP.NET MVC 4/5
•  Knowledge of enterprise platforms and tools: Microsoft .NET plus VS .NET 2012/2013
•  Knowledge of web technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML (HTML5 is a plus), Angular.js
•  Knowledge of database ORM tools: NHibernate is a huge plus!
•  Understanding of Web and Client application development
•  Strong knowledge of database programming: SQL Server 2008
•  Big Data / Datawarehouse experience is desired, but not required

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