The marketing manager will be responsible for issuing and managing the company’s marketing strategy, including offline and online marketing efforts.


  • Define and direct online marketing programs for demand creation, lead generation and interface with sales VP for lead tracking and management.

  • Work closely with CRO to develop and manage channel and partner strategies and programs.

  • Develop and track metrics and success criteria for all online marketing programs and activities.

  • Define the appropriate online marketing strategy for the company over time

  • Strategic planning including corporate positioning market and competitive analysis, customer segment selection and penetration plans, and related product positioning.

  • Marketing communications including branding, public relations, advertising, white papers, trade shows, seminars and events collateral materials and website design

  • Develop and manage the Company’s entire marketing budget.


  • 2-3 years online marketing experience in comparable industries

  • Ability to plan and manage at both strategic and operational levels.

  • Experience in developing and implementing online marketing strategies that have consistently met or exceeded planned objectives

  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create a result driven, team oriented environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage often outsourced marketing activities (PR, corporate identity system, website, etc.)

  • Experience working with business and industry press.

  • Capacity to assume more significant executive responsibilities over time.

  • MBA desired


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