Building the best marketplace for SMB owners and managers requires that we understand what it takes to start and operate a business in their industry. In order to be subject-matter experts in running a business, like a micro-brewery, winery or hotel, we need top notch research talent. As a member of our tiny Market Research team, you’ll be responsible for understanding our current verticals and working with our engineering team to design user-facing features, like request forms, to ensure accuracy and efficiency with supplier quoting. You’ll spend the majority of your time gathering information on our current products and figuring out which others to tackle next, while collaborating with both sides of our marketplace to ensure everyone is in the know of what it takes to successfully connect a qualified buyer with the right supplier.



  • Independently discover and absorb massive amounts of information
  • Translate your learnings into digestible pieces for other members of the team through participation in team and product meetings and small team
  • Develop, implement, and improve on our strategic plan of adding new products to the Kinnek catalog
  • Build and iterate online forms, ensuring we’re asking the right questions to businesses and bringing the right answers back to suppliers
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done


  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Prior experience in research or copy editing role a major plus
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high quality work in a fast-paced environment
  • Bachelor’s degree from a top-tier university


About Kinnek

Small business purchasing ... doesn't sound that sexy at first, right? Well, consider that there are over 4.7 Million SMBs in the US alone, purchasing over $2.2 Trillion in equipment and physical goods. Most of these businesses handle their purchasing as if they're stuck in the 1970s - flipping through the yellow pages, paper trade directories, waiting for suppliers to cold-call them with deals, or digging through a stack of business cards left with the receptionist. And most digital resources don't provide the price and product information an SMB owner or managers needs to pull the trigger on a purchase. At Kinnek we're bringing SMB purchasing into the 21st century. Our singular aim is to become THE platform where SMBs manage all their purchases and supplier relationships. It's a massive opportunity to fundamentally change the way businesses interact.

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