Our software development is in Python on the back-end, Javascript on the front-end.  We hired 2 fantastic interns from this fair for Summer 2015 and looking to do it again!

About Luminoso Technologies, Inc.

Luminoso makes it easy for computers to understand text and communicate actionable insights to people and systems. Our groundbreaking technology surfaces insights that inform meaningful customer focused decisions with unrivaled accuracy and agility.  Luminoso enables global companies to tap into customer experience, fine-tune marketing strategy, elevate customer service and evolve product offerings. In a flat world, our multi-lingual capabilities give global companies the ability to understand their customers worldwide.A rapidly growing software technology company, we hire smart, passionate people across a broad spectrum of backgrounds and interests, technical and non-technical. Luminoso began life at the MIT Media Lab and is headquartered close to its roots in Cambridge, MA. 

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