The Product Safety Engineer’s aim is to ensure that safety requirements are considered in the design and operational functions of in-line inspection equipment and auxiliaries. This is to ensure that the product or service being delivered to our clients is safe, fit for purpose, and compliant. This role requires a good application of engineering knowledge to ensure that safety requirements are embedded into design and operational activities as well as through life-support activities. 


  • Provide authoritative, professional safety advice to project teams, enabling them to make informed and accurate decisions.
  • Evaluate potential hazards or damage that could occur from product misuse.
  • Facilitate proactive product safety reviews in support of new product introduction and existing product fulfillment activities in order to ensure compliance to internal and external safety requirements.
  • Support implementation of Product Safety Program Plans, product safety review, data recording and record retention, processes, and residual risk assessments.
  • Ensure that all aspects of product safety are addressed within the constraints of operational effectiveness, time, and cost throughout the product life cycle.
  • Develop deep understanding of manufacturing processes to identify and address potential manufacturing defects that can lead to potential safety issues.
  • Work with suppliers, contractors, support staff, and management to ensure that product safety is addressed in new product designs.
  • Review new hardware designs to ensure that materials are specified and selected to meet requirements.
  • Develop and/or maintain internal safety specifications that apply to products in area of responsibility.
  • Conduct safety compliance testing IAW IEC 60950/60065 and other applicable safety standards.
  • Research new product requirements to ensure safety compliance for worldwide distribution.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to effectively communicate safety requirements and resolve safety issues.



  • B.S. or M.S. in Electrical or Electronic Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Knowledgeable with safety and RF regulations, e.g. UL 60950, FCC part 15.
  • Experience in conducting component-level safety analysis of electrical circuits.
  • Experience interpreting requirements, applying knowledge to new situations, and confidence to implement new solutions.
  • Experience in working with external vendors and contractors to develop and qualify product designs is a must.
  • Experience in developing test procedures and experiments.
  • Experience in conducting detailed failure analysis.
  • Experience in writing internal product specifications and literature. 
  • Experience researching literature, standards, and industry for advanced technology that may improve safety in emerging designs.
  • Able to act as subject-matter expert on safety issues and requirements for assigned products.
  • Experience with RF circuit design is a huge plus.
  • Experience with Linux OS bash script programming is a huge plus.
  • Experience in designing/carrying tests in electrical field or mechanical field is a plus.

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