Kitchensurfing is a global marketplace for people who love food. We are re-defining the dining experience by directly connecting chefs to diners, and in the process creating a more intimate and rewarding experience for everyone around the table.


The Role:

iOS engineers at Kitchensurfing are responsible for discussing requirements and making estimations with our designers and product owners, working with other engineers to develop user facing functionality and design the APIs to support it, then monitoring new releases and responding to feedback on the work we have delivered. We’re committed to code quality and productivity, and with those values in mind, we pair program, test drive and practice continuous integration. 



  • 5 years of experience as a mobile engineer
  • Skills we seek out: test driven development, pairing, refactoring, agile, extreme programming, object oriented programming
  • Have several apps in the App Store

  • Experience with cutting edge mobile technologies: Swift, Apple Pay, Magical Record, Auto Layout
  • Have solid iOS fundamentals: building a networking stack, method swizzling, the Apple HIG, Foundation, memory management, C and C++
  • You’re more interested in building a great product and shipping features than you are in figuring out the cleverest solution to a problem.
  • You want to enjoy coming to work each day.

About Kitchensurfing

Kitchensurfing is an online marketplace where users can find outstanding local chefs to cook for them, at home.

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