We are looking for a passionate iOS mobile developer who wants to be a part of the Cannabis Industry with us and be apart of our vision! 

What is Kannatopia? 

Kannatopia is a Social Network for users 21 and older that operates in the fast growing Cannabis Industry. Kannatopia is working to establish itself as the leading web and mobile based platform for Cannabis users, non-Cannabis users and Cannabis Businesses to connect, socialize, experience, share and learn. The way that we do this is by providing an enjoyable, easy to use, safe and friendly community. 

We want to help change the stereotypes and social stigmas that exist and give users their own community different then their traditional social channels. 

We are looking for someone who absolutely loves Technology and building things. We want someone with tremendous PASSION for the Cannabis Industry and we want someone who can be a team player with us and likes to have fun, laugh and enjoy life!

We currently have 2 Co-founders and looking to add mobile expertise to our Co-founding team to finish launching our web and mobile app. 


iOS Application Development, Objective-C, Android Application Development, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, UI/UX, Team Player, Strong Work Ethic, Angular, Firebase

More on Kannatopia can be found at www.kannatopia.com

About Kannatopia

Kannatopia is a Cannabis Social Network for users 21 and older. It is “Your” community to connect, socialize, experience, share, learn and explore with users who have similar interests.Our vision is to “Connect the Cannabis World” and allow you to explore it in a friendly way that gives “You” value in your everyday life!

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