Justly™ — Big Data / Legal / Fintech Startup ISO Legal Interns for Summer 2015


About the Role

Justly is seeking paid legal interns interested in leveraging their acumen for a technology startup committed to changing the way professional services are delivered and priced, beginning with the “billable hour” model preferred by law firms.  


Position offered for June 1-August 15 (with flexibility at both ends)

Our interns will work closely with the product management team, led by Justly’s founders, and will perform various tasks directly translatable to the 21st century legal services market, including:


· Case data review, analysis, organization, categorization, tagging and summarization

· Legal and corporate research

· Competitive review and analysis

. Assisting senior staff, domain experts and data scientists in crafting schema and algorithmic machine learning models

· Researching federal and state case law and court records

. Consistent with any true-to-life legal position, privilege review and redaction

· Other legal, business development and administrative support as required


Minimum Qualifications

· 1L, 2L, pre-law college junior or senior (law students preferred)

· Strong analytical skills

· Legal research skills, including Lexis, Westlaw, etc.

· Demonstrated interest in technology and startups

· Proficiency with Google Apps, Base Camp, MSFT Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

· Bonus points for coding and data capabilities, and in particular Jura, Python, MySQL and map-reduce

· Exemplary communication skills and a dedicated work ethic

· Excellent organizational, presentation and process skills with the ability to simultaneously follow through on numerous projects

· Ability to work well independently, coupled with strong interpersonal skills, resourcefulness, and an ability to participate in a highly collaborative team environment

. Enthusiasm about working for a start-up with an exciting future and a decidedly looser environment and culture than a traditional law firm

· Flexibility, a sense of humor, and commitment to professionalism and collegiality

Other Details and Perks

· Premium office space in New York City, across the street from GCT

· Access to training materials

· Weekly outings with co-founders

· Friends for life (ours at least)

· Fortune and glory (not guaranteed)


About the Company

We compile data on common types of legal services to corporate clients and use predictive algorithms to determine a just price for new counsel engagements based on the historical cost of comparable matters.  


We’re also developing a multi-functional platform for streamlining the legal procurement process, which Justly will use to mine client data and to deliver its pricing guidance.


For more information, please visit www.justlylegal.com, meet the co-founders here, and learn more about our offering here.


Interestingly, most leaders of law firms of any significant size recognize that fundamental change is needed in the way their firms deliver and price legal services, but in practice there remains an astonishing lack of urgency in moving on these issues.”

– The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and
Peer Monitor, 2015 Report on the State of the Legal Market


There are technologies in isolated areas… but no third-party offerings that integrate all components needed in professional pricing.”  

- Law firm Director of Business Development, December 1, 2014


Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and résumé to jobs@justlylegal.com

Thanks!  — The Justly Team

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