We’re a small team of extremely passionate developers laser focused on solving hard problems.  We practice Agile and use Test Driven Development as tools for maintaining our sanity while minimizing the typical red tape.  Our architecture is already federated and allows for relatively simple horizontal scalability (no monolithic Rails apps here).  At BeenVerified, all developers work closely with designers and the rest of the business in order to fully understand the scope of a problem or feature.  So far this structure has delivered some pretty sweet software deployed and used at scale.

On top of a development setup that is optimized for developer happiness, the rest of the company is full of fun people.  Company-wide outings, parties, or even just an afternoon beer are all frequent occurrences.  We are flexible about working from home when necessary, have full-time employee benefits, and will even hook you up with whatever computer/mouse/keyboard desk combo you prefer when you start.

What’s the Day to Day like?

In our team of developers, every developer has some ownership of a portion of our architecture.  There are several different applications, all with a roadmap of features and fixes that you can sink your teeth into.  These range from our main Rails application (Rails, Unicorn, Nginx) to data collection and archiving (Redis, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Mongo, etc.).  Most of our development is done in Ruby but we do have portions written in other languages as well (PHP, Go, etc.).

A software engineer joining our team would be expected to not only handle the normal bug mashing and feature implementation but also work on making our software and processes more developer friendly.  We expect members of our team to be vocal about problems that they see as we prefer to be proactive rather than reactive.  If you’re going through a code base and see inefficiencies that need to be attended to, we’ll get them on the short-term road map or, in some cases, just work it into an existing task depending on what makes the most sense.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for someone with a BS or MS in Computer Science, Math, Engineering or equivalent experience. You should also have 1+ years of professional full-stack Ruby experience and have a good grasp of the language and the interpreter.  You should have familiarity with Ruby frameworks other than Rails (Sinatra, Padrino, EventMachine, etc.).  You should be comfortable working with various databases and picking up new technologies.  We build on and deploy to Unix-based operating systems so knowing things like tail, cron, fortune, and cowsay are a plus.  You should always want to be learning new things and take the initiative in teaching yourself as well as asking for help. Performance optimizations, experimenting with new features, splitting big applications into smaller apps, and rapidly iterating on a piece of code should excite you.

On a personal level, we’re looking for someone who is good natured and actively wants to code and solve hard problems.  Excited?  We are too.  Let’s see what you got.

About BeenVerified

BeenVerified's mission is to help people discover, understand, and use public data in their everyday lives.We're democratizing access to public records that were traditionally expensive and hard to access.

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