Jibe is looking for relentless problem-solvers to join our DevOps team. We value skill-set over tool-set and ability over qualifications. The team you’re joining is small, highly skilled, and reasonably good at darts and ping pong. Our offices are relaxed, kitchen is well-stocked, and we have great benefits.


  • predict the future. figure out when we need new stuff before we need it. we’re using Rackspace and AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • keep an eye on things. familiarity with monitoring concepts is critical. experience with Zabbix is helpful.
  • talk to people. you’ll work closely with other teams to bring projects from planning to launch.
  • solve problems. things will break in strange ways heretofore unknown to mankind (womankind, too, probably), and you’ll fix them.
  • write it down. unless you like being woken up at 2 am with questions about your weird undocumented thing.
  • automate EVERYTHING. we dream in bash, python, and ruby.


  • centos
  • chef
  • ldap
  • zabbix
  • jenkins
  • bash/ruby/python
  • git
  • stash/jira/confluence/etc
  • mysql/mariadb
  • mongodb
  • redis
  • sonatype nexus

Please submit your resume to: devops_careers@jibe.com

About Jibe

Launched in 2009, Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that make recruiting about people, not process. Jibe combines that rare mix of outstanding leadership, strong financial backing, a killer platform and a solid customer base of Fortune 1000 companies. Jibe’s strategic vision and rapid innovation has enabled us to meet and exceed the needs of talent acquisition teams around the world.

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