OpinionLab is seeking a JavaScript Developer with strong agile skills to join our Chicago, IL based Product Development team in the West Loop.

As a member of our Product Development team, you will play a critical role in the architecture, design, development, and deployment of OpinionLab’s web­based applications and services. Our JavaScript developers build the full­stack systems that millions of web users interact with to leave feedback on sites like Home Depot, Wal­Mart and Comedy Central. JavaScript developers with knowledge and passion for Angular and/or Rails make an ideal fit for our small (less than 20) but dedicated Product Development team.

Basics: You know HTML5, CSS3, AJAX JavaScript and JQuery. You practice cross-­browser, responsive, mobile friendly design with semantic markup.

Frameworks: You know one or more current JS Frameworks, such as Angular (preferable), React, Backbone, Knockout, or one of the 50 or more out there, but primarily have foundational Vanilla JS skills. We are transitioning to an Angular framework in our Rails environment, and are always evaluating new frameworks. You can run tests and work with your application from the command line using Jasmine, PhantomJS, Karma, Protractor or similar technologies. You can execute basic Bash and Ruby scripts, and work Git from the command­-line.

Modularity: Y​ou know there’s more to modular development than choosing whether the script tag goes in the head or the body. You have used a tool such as RequireJS, CommonJS, ES6 modules, the JS Module Pattern, or Browserify to support modular development. You know how to avoid polluting the global scope.

Performance: B​efore adding a library to use a single function, you assess its impact on user experience. You use build tools like Grunt, Gulp, or Broccoli to produce optimized builds of JS files. You are comfortable having clients and teammates inspect your code for performance issues that may affect their sites, and you assess performance yourself using DevTools and browser extensions as needed.

Craft: ​Lint isn’t just what you find in your pockets–you use a linter to keep your code clean. You implement performant, reliable tests using Jasmine, Mocha, CucumberJS, or another testing library. You stay on top of new developments in JavaScript, and languages like CoffeeScript, and follow bloggers/tweeters or attend meetups and conferences to connect with people and ideas.

Beyond Code: In addition to crafting the software to run our systems, we take pride in working in self­sufficient cross functional teams. This means that we:

  • design and plan our own work (a la Scrum)
  • architect and design mission critical SaaS platforms and APIs
  • use and contribute to open­source technologies and frameworks
  • continuously learn from and teach to other team members
  • translate business needs into working software


  • Commensurate with experience.
  • Benefits include medical, dental, life and disability insurances, paid holidays, vacation and sick days, 401K with employer match, FSA plan

To apply for this job, please send a cover letter detailing your abilities and your most recent resume to careers@opinionlab.com, or fill out our resume submission form by following the link to the left. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

About OpinionLab

OpinionLab provides omnichannel Voice of Customer feedback solutions to help organizations collect, understand, and leverage customer data.

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