Lighthouse Labs is Canada’s largest development bootcamp. We originally started in Vancouver, BC and are now opening our doors in Toronto!

One of the most crucial parts of our bootcamp are the teachers and instructors. We have a very large team of teachers who are developers that are willing to and good at assisting our students.

Instead of overwhelming students with textbooks, theory and lectures, we teach coding as a craft. Teachers use techniques such as pair programming, white boarding, and code reviewing. Most of the help takes place one on one through questions, or in very small groups.

The tech stack that we teach with is Ruby, SQL and JavaScript + jQuery based. Rails, ActiveRecord, Sinatra and Node also make an appearance, but we don’t require our teachers to know that exact stack. Instead we’re looking for experienced web developers who have a hunger and talent for mentoring others.

We are not a “Ruby bootcamp” or a “Rails bootcamp”. We just teach modern full-stack web application development, and Ruby and JavaScript are the languages we choose to focus on and teach with.

All our teaching positions can be part-time. In fact, most of our teachers are just that. We believe in developers teaching. That said, we’re looking for individuals with flexible schedules that can be available for the occasional morning or afternoon “shift”.

The scheduling is flexible so it can work with your existing commitments. Teaching at Lighthouse Labs is secondary to most developers’ primary responsibility, be it a full-time dev role, their own startup, or freelance consulting. As such, we schedule shifts based on your availability and preference, as best possible.

Previous teaching experience is not required. We’ve been doing this for a while, have 50+ p/t teachers and know exactly how to bring new teachers up to speed.



  • Minimum commitment: 10 hours a week

  • Location: Downtown Toronto (Queen and Bathurst)

  • Flexible schedule; Part-time welcome and encouraged

  • Experienced / seasoned Ruby/Python/JS web developers only

  • Understanding of both front and back end development (Full-stack)

  • See the current team at: https://www.lighthouselabs.ca/team

About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is Canada’s developer bootcamp. They teach people to learn to code in 8 weeks, and do it in a way that truly prepares students for amazing careers. Having become an integral part of the Vancouver tech community, they are now launching their groundbreaking program in Toronto! Operating out of HIGHLINE, Toronto's most dynamic tech hub, Lighthouse Labs combines a TA community of 40+ full-time developers with an agile curriculum that emphasizes building real software. This has allowed them to achieve the ultimate result for its students: 100% job placement rate.

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