As we continue to grow the variety and volume of events that we’re hired for, we’re looking for someone that can help keep Instaprint event rentals running smoothly and efficiently. This job will focus on the maintenance and deployment of all resources (both human and machine) to events for which we’ve been hired. There are a number of systems, guidelines and protocols that need to be designed and implemented; there are others that exist but should be improved. 

You should have sharp analytical skills, with a keen ability to identify areas for improvement in an early stage operation as well as the problem solving skills to be able to refine those pain points in a novel and efficient way.

This role will require exquisite organizational and communication skills. You must be fluent with Excel/Numbers/Google docs, task management software and any other tools that make you the most organized person you know.  This is a client-facing role and requires the management of a small team of contractors. 


Recruit, train and manage the team of Instaprint Operators.

Act as the primary point of contact for the client from the time a contract is signed through to the live event.

Work with clients to ensure a smooth installation and operating environment for the equipment and to ensure they maximize the value of hiring Instaprint.

Design, implement and maintain internal systems to ensure efficient client interactions, staff scheduling and equipment deployment and maintenance.

Streamline operations for Instaprint Mosaics so that they can be more easily implemented.

Research and design case studies that demonstrate the value of Instaprint and other assets to assist in sales efforts.


At least 3 years experience as an operations manager – solving tough problems, designing and implementing new processes and identifying ways to streamline existing processes.

A deep understanding of how to use spreadsheets and other productivity software to organize and analyze data. You should be very comfortable solving complex tasks using spreadsheets – using them for data entry only is not sufficient.

Ability to recruit, train and manage a team of contractors.

Proven success in a client-facing role and strong communication skills to facilitate those interactions.

Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment.

Deep understanding of social media.

Have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset, always looking for ways to improve our product and overall business.

About Instaprint

Instaprint is the world's most popular Instagram printer. Since it's unveiling three years ago, Instaprint has achieved global fame, and has been hired by hundreds of the top brands from around the world. From small holiday parties in the suburbs of St. Louis, to store openings in Shanghai, to music festivals with hundreds of thousands of attendees, Instaprint has been included at a wide variety of events - and this is just the beginning.We're at an early stage and about to enter a period of rapid growth, so we're looking for people that are excited by a start-up atmosphere and interested in setting the foundation for a company that's on the rise.

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