HookLogic Engineering

HookLogic was founded in 2004 to understand and influence shopper decisions. Our Engineering Team is a critical factor in our company’s record of success. We build and maintain the suite of industry-defining marketing products that compete with–and beat–the likes of Google and Amazon. We’ve expanded our product suite and won multiple game-changing clients over the past year. To keep pace with growth, we’re hiring engineers with experience in all areas of the development stack.

About the Job

HookLogic Engineering develops proprietary software platforms used by the world’s largest e-commerce retailers. Our team is full of individuals who continually improve their command of object-oriented languages, frameworks, and distributed computing to ensure that they–and the company–stay in the lead. Our systems are built with C#, RESTful services, jQuery, SQL Server, Hadoop, Hive and more. As a Platform Engineer, you’ll employ your skills on a daily basis to design and build testable, maintainable, and scalable applications and services to meet evolving business needs. You will be intellectually rigorous while thinking iteratively. Your work will directly shape and build our architecture to ultimately deliver systems that stand up to unpredictable environments at massive scale.


Depending on experience, successful applicants will show a growing track record of success or the groundwork to be an impactful member of the team. We’re looking for candidates that exhibit many of the following skills/attributes:

  • Strong Educational Background
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Design Principles in C#, Java, or other language(s)
  • Service-Oriented Architecture experience
    • RESTful Web Services
    • Distributed Systems experience
      • Familiarity with AWS or other cloud platforms
      • Algorithms and Performance Tuning experience
      • Data Persistence and Retrieval
        • Both SQL and NoSQL databases (Redis, DynamoDB, MongoDB)
        • Excellent Problem Solving and Debugging

Skills: C#, .NET, Java, AWS, IIS, SQL, OOP, SOA, REST, Web Services, Architecture, Design Patterns

About HookLogic

HookLogic is a rapidly growing technology company that powers e-commerce media, a revolutionary way for brands and shoppers to connect in and around the e-commerce environment. For retailers, HookLogic drives a new, high-profit, media-based revenue stream. For marketers, HookLogic creates unprecedented opportunities to influence in-market shoppers at key decision points. Clients include Expedia, Hotels.com, Overstock.com, and Kiddicare.com. Learn more at www.hooklogic.com

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