We are looking for an exceptional engineer to lead our platform team. This team provides a stable, scalable, and secure technological infrastructure for Grammarly. Back-end infrastructure and services are a critical component of our product experience. Grammarly needs engineers who enjoy working across the software stack and are excited about designing an elegant platform that scales effortlessly to support our rapid growth.

What you will do: 

• Develop the vision for the next generation of Grammarly’s platform which will need to scale to tens of millions of users and beyond. 
• Create the goals and plans for the platform team, and then get them implemented.

• Participate in architectural decisions across the system. 
• Develop backbone components and services that power various Grammarly products with a focus on high availability, low latency, and scalability. Examples include document storage, text checking facade, authentication services, public API endpoints, etc. 
• Grow our infrastructure: design and build tools and systems that multiply the force of Grammarly engineers and reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to ship and iterate on a great product. 
• Facilitate and foster the company’s devops culture and the general development culture. 
• Provide leadership and be a mentor to the backend and devops engineers. 
• Technologies we use 
    ◦ AWS stack 
    ◦ Programming languages: Java, Erlang, Node.js, Lisp, Python 
    ◦ Chef, Jenkins, Nexus, Github 
    ◦ MySQL, MongoDB , Redis, PostgreSQL 
    ◦ The best tool for the job 

What we’re looking for:

• You are a technical leader who is familiar with and actively involved in current technology developments in your area of expertise. You have good architecture and design taste. 
• You’ve lead a team before, and have some experience in growing and mentoring engineers. 
• You are fluent in multiple programming languages and paradigms and can learn new ones quickly. 
• You have experience developing high-load applications in Linux/Unix environment. 
• You are passionate about all of the above :)

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