We are looking for a skilled Database Engineer to help us with the design, maintenance, and scaling of Grammarly’s databases. The Database Engine will focus primarily on developing and managing various relational and non-relational storage systems for our main products, new features, statistics, monitoring, etc.

What you will do:

    •    Proactively monitor, tune, profile, and scale Grammarly’s database environments
    •    Develop, implement, and periodically test backup and recovery plans
    •    Evaluate and implement new database platforms
    •    Actively work with developers and ops on database design
    •    Develop tools to automate performance monitoring and data migration
    •    Maintain data security and access control
    •    Troubleshoot when something goes wrong

What we’re looking for:

    •    Solid understanding of MySQL and PostgreSQL
    •    Familiarity with replication and failover strategies
    •    Experience with database performance tuning and capacity planning (preferably with MySQL)
    •    Experience with other data storage systems (e.g. Graphite, ElasticSearch, Cassandra is a plus)
    •    Strong systems administration and automation skills
    •    A sense of humor!

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