You will be working closely with our bioengineers to design and implement our computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) platform. Work includes programming robots to build metabolic pathways and new genomes, automating testing and measurement platforms, and implementing gene and pathway design algorithms. You don’t need previous biology experience; Ginkgo is a great environment for amazing programmers to learn to hack biology.

Ginkgo’s programming languages of choice are Ruby, Python, and DNA, but you must be someone who loves writing elegant code in any language. Most importantly, you should be passionate about making biology the next engineering discipline.  The 20th century was all about bits and computers made that possible.  The 21st century is all about atoms and Ginkgo organisms will make it possible.

About Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.

Ginkgo BioWorks is YCombinator's first biotech company ... we were personally recruited by Sam Altman to join YC.Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. We engineer organisms to address fundamental challenges the world is facing today. Ginkgo bioengineers make use of an in-house organism foundry to engineer new organisms for making natural products, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and more.  We're making the compiler, and debugger for life.

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