Fuzz is seeking Web Developers to join our team in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We build standards-based, beautiful web interfaces and blazing fast APIs for mobile apps. We keep up with emerging web standards and adopt new tools every day. We strive to document, test, and automate every aspect of our development workflow. We build web applications, not websites.

All Candidates

  • Are passionate about the web
  • Are experienced with more than one web programming language
  • Care about the quality and design consistency of their work
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Use source control to manage projects of all sizes
  • Are detail-oriented programmers with an eye for good application and interface design

An Ideal Candidate

  • Can build a Linux server from scratch
  • Is familiar with the principles of RESTful web service architecture
  • Uses command line tools like Grunt, Bower, JSHint, and PHPUnit to improve code quality and efficiency
  • Uses metalanguages like Sass and CoffeeScript to simplify front end code
  • Uses the MVC design pattern and relational database ORMs to build lean and flexible back ends
  • Is an expert with one of the following scripting frameworks: Laravel, Rails, FuelPHP, Django
  • Will send us a link to their GitHub account

If this sounds like you, or if you think it could be you in a couple of months, we’d love to hear from you. Fuzz provides competitive salaries, lunch every day, and an awesome, creative environment full of talented developers like you.

Application Requirements

Please ensure that your application includes the following items:

  • Resume
  • Salary Requirements
  • Sample Code

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