Who, What, and Why?

We are an early-stage startup based in NYC that has dedicated itself to fix how Internet companies talk to prospective customers. With time, software development has become faster and faster, but the speed at which companies talk to their customers has stayed the same. It’s the same old phone calls, in person interviews, marketing emails etc. Cold calls get hanged up on and marketing emails end up in the junk folder. This model is broken, and you know it

ListenLoop is disrupting this age-old paradigm. We are building the next gen communication platform which enables companies to communicate with customers via web ads


We are looking to expand our team with a  Full Stack Developer  who is eager to work on some of the best work of his/her life.  You should also have a monstrous appetite to learn and work on every aspect of software development – from researching and building new restful integrations to building standalone apps from brainstorming to deployment. You like taking responsibility over projects and deliver results.

Your should have experience with:

  •  Extensive use of JavaScript
  •  Fairly Large Ruby on Rails Applications
  •  Postgres Database & Redis
  •  AWS Infrastructure

You need to be well-versed in technologies like git, ruby, rails, node, lodash, jquery, require, react, promises, aws, psql etc

Minimum Requirements

  1.  2-5 years of work experience.
  2.  2+ years of experience as a Rails or JavaScript Developer.
  3.  College Degree in Computer Science or similar
  4.  Willing to work out of our NoMad NYC Office

About ListenLoop

ListenLoop's SaaS product combines ad retargeting with the principles of marketing automation, such as segmentation, nurturing, and personalization. ListenLoop tracks visitors on a client website and assign scores to visitors based on their website behaviors. If a visitor’s score crosses a threshold, they are retargeted with a series of personalized display ads. ListenLoop empowers marketers who want to capture a new breed of B2B buyers that are elusive, informed, impatient, and savvy to email marketing. Buyers want relevant information – right away – without the obligation and pressure of speaking to a salesperson. Marketers want to communicate with prospects and leads, nurturing those that are not sales ready while navigating hot opportunities to sales.

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