You have:

  • Have a strong computer science background obtained through a degree or equivalent experience.
  • Experience (professional or personal) in building complex software systems and working with databases.
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, jQuery, Go, Python and PHP are plusses.

You enjoy:

  • Solving problems involving big-data and complex math, while expanding your skill-set in the process.
  • Working with a talented team, but are self-motivated and have the ability to work alone too.
  • Developing and maintaining great software with an emphasis on speed and scalability.

You want to help us:

  • Find the best route to creating fast and scalable solutions to complex problems.
  • Build out a robust API to deliver flexible solutions to our customers.
  • Continually improve our product by developing new features and enhancing current ones.

About CB Insights

CB Insights analyzes data on private companies in emerging industries to provide predictive intelligence on company health and strategy, investor performance and technology adoption trends.

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