About the Job

LiveSafe builds software that makes individuals, campuses, and communities safer.  Our “social safety” products allow college students to easily connect with campus safety and security officials, as well as with each other.  Our users prevent incidents, react more quickly and safely during incidents, and expedite responses after incidents. Passion for building safer communities is in our DNA and we are serious about providing a high quality product that works every time someone needs it.

About you

You most likely identify as a:

  • Talented software engineer that knows the ins and outs of the different browsers and has an assortment of polyfills and shims to fix the inconsistencies (assuming you don’t need to support IE8)
  • Full stack developer who has chosen to focus more on front-end technologies and frameworks to build out more complex and usable user interfaces
  • Master of Javascript and jQuery but revels in finding ways to leverage new HTML5/CSS/ECMAScript features to enhance the user experience (usability, performance, etc)
  • Collaborator that thrives in a social atmosphere and actively works with UI/UX designers to help tweak and adjust the correct breakpoints to optimize the user experience for multiple devices
  • Person who cares deeply that your work realizes positive outcomes for our world

You can probably also:

  • Describe the faults and shortcomings of your favorite front-end framework
  • Point to the components of your personal website that you have been meaning to update to use the latest and greatest framework or HTML5/CSS2 language feature or animation

What we are looking for

There are always exceptions, and we hire exceptional individuals, so nothing on this list is strictly required.  However, if some of these sound like you, then you are probably a good fit.

  • Strong foundation in Computer Science – data structures, algorithms, etc.
  • Bachelor of Science degree (think CS, CE, EE, math, physics, …) preferred
  • Built responsive, single page front-end apps using a modern framework (Angular, Ember, React, …) targeted at enterprise and consumer end-users
  • Integrated with a wide variety of databases (*Sql, non-relational, object storage, …)

Technologies we teach and use

  • Front-end: Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, Objective-C and Java
  • Back-end: node.js, Java, PHP and Ruby
  • AWS EC2, S3, DynamoDB, RDS (MySQL), OpsWorks, CircleCI
  • JUnit, Espresso, Mocha, Chai, ServerSpec


  • Fantastic health, dental, and vision
  • Great new office space overlooking the National Cathedral
  • Choose your own rig and dev tools
  • Early stage equity
  • Free drinks and healthy snacks
  • Flexible hours and remote work
  • Coworkers are passionate about safety (and ping pong)

About IAC

IAC is a leading media and Internet company focused on the areas of search, applications, online dating, media and eCommerce. Ranked by Fortune magazine's annual standing of the world's most admired companies in the Internet Services & Retailing sector for many years, IAC's family of websites is one of the largest in the world, with over two billion monthly visits reaching users in more than 200 countries. The company is headquartered in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City and has business operations and satellite offices around the world.

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