We’re looking for a front-end developer who not only loves pixel-perfect interactive user experiences, but also has the passion, knowledge and ability to make them come to life. You’ll be implementing interactive video experiences for big names (we’re not just bragging) using state of the art technology as part of a passionate team.

  • Create interactive front ends based off of designs and wireframes.
  • Communicate with the design team to create the best UX.
  • Deliver successful solutions and high quality work, on time, with attention to detail.
  • Learn new skills and remain up-to-date with development principles, industry trends, and emerging technologies.
Skills & Requirements:
  • Javascript – great coding skills and an appetite to learn more. Experience with frameworks like backbone.js or angular.js is a plus.
  • HTML/CSS – building responsive interfaces and making them come to life with beautiful animations. You should know when to ease-in and when to ease-out. SASS should ring a bell.
  • Client-side ecosystem – npm, bower, gulp/grunt, require.js, yeoman – we like working fast!
  • Web infrastructure – optimizing for fast delivery, HTTP, CDNs, browser compatibility and all that jazz.

About Interlude

Interlude is a media and technology company at the forefront of immersive video entertainment. Combining deep creative expertise with our responsive video technology, our videos allow viewers to step into the narrative and impact its course in real time, introducing an element of magic to storytelling and creating a personalized experience that is different each time. We believe video can be much more than a passive experience, and that the future of entertainment is interactive. We partner with the biggest names in the music and entertainment space, and work with top brands and media organizations to create and distribute immersive video content on mobile and web.

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