Looking for: full stack web developer

We’re an MIT launched startup looking to bring 21st century software to the broken trillion dollar industry that is last-mile delivery. We’ve just transitioned from beta to production, and looking for a full stack web developer to lead the management of our entire stack. 

You will be working closely with our CTO and Chief Software Architect in designing new features, and in many cases you will be in charge of implementation. Example deliverables include designing and implementing our analytics pipeline, streamlining communication between our web-app and our mobile app, enabling communication between our API and vehicle telematics devices.

We are looking for someone with the following attributes:
- Experienced
- Driven
- Creative
- Positive and fun to work with
- Resourceful
- An eye for the big picture but detail oriented

Very excited to meet anyone who is interested in jumping on board – lets get coffee to chat!

About Foxtrot Systems

 Foxtrot helps distributors execute better last-mile deliveries. We use traffic & weather information, in-house route-optimization algorithms and machine learning to boost our customers' fleet's efficiency & delivery success. The company was launched after two years of algorithms research at MIT, and we recently won the MIT 100K Pitch Competition!

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