Now you can monetize your technical skills by becoming a freelance interviewer for eTeki. As an interviewer you will assess the technical skills of the candidates assigned to you and help our clients make better hiring decisions.
All you need to do is interview candidates in your area of expertise using our smarter video interview platform and provide a detailed skills assessment report on the candidate.

*Hands on experience on one or more technologies or programming languages
*Desire to take your career to the next level by interviewing candidates in your domain or expertise
*Any prior experience in technical interviewing is a plus, but not mandatory

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About eTeki, Inc.

eTeki is a HR technology company based in Tampa, FL. eTeki is the world's first digital interviewing platform addressing the challenges in technical screening and IT talent acquisition.eTeki is designed to improve the way organizations identify, screen and assess technical talent in a whole new way. Unlike conventional video interviewing tools available today, eTeki is powered by a pool of freelance IT specialists offering services to assess candidate's technical skills in real-time. You can also record, share and review your candidate interviews and refer anytime in the future.If you need to screen a large numbers of technical talent or if you lack the technical capability in-house to interview potential hires, eTeki can help! The hiring managers, recruiters and decision makers also get to see the behavioral fit of the candidate prior to a face to face interview. This saves time, costs incurred on travel and also significantly reduces probability of bad hires.

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