At Kinnek, we have nearly 10,000 SMBs using our platform, and the primary way we communicate with them is via email. We are looking for a savvy email marketing specialist who can spearhead our efforts to engage our community of small businesses and suppliers nationwide. As we continue to grow our user base on a massive scale, we will be relying on you to keep decision makers at SMBs engaged and excited about Kinnek. 

At Kinnek, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Managing, designing, and creating highly targeted email marketing campaigns for both the Buyer (SMBs) and Supplier sides of the marketplace
  • Building out sophisticated triggered, lifecycle, and batch email programs
  • In-depth analysis of the performance of email campaigns, and continually testing/optimizing new ideas to drive positive changes in user engagement
  • Guiding the development of Kinnek’s email system, including making recommendations to improve existing tools and integrating new tools (such as ESPs) to streamline email campaigns
  • Remaining up to date with best practices and trends in email marketing

Prior experience in all of the above is ideal. 

About Kinnek

Small business purchasing ... doesn't sound that sexy at first, right? Well, consider that there are over 4.7 Million SMBs in the US alone, purchasing over $2.2 Trillion in equipment and physical goods. Most of these businesses handle their purchasing as if they're stuck in the 1970s - flipping through the yellow pages, paper trade directories, waiting for suppliers to cold-call them with deals, or digging through a stack of business cards left with the receptionist. And most digital resources don't provide the price and product information an SMB owner or managers needs to pull the trigger on a purchase. At Kinnek we're bringing SMB purchasing into the 21st century. Our singular aim is to become THE platform where SMBs manage all their purchases and supplier relationships. It's a massive opportunity to fundamentally change the way businesses interact.

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