Software Development Intern


Are you looking for an opportunity to join a growing, entrepreneurial company and build products to drive standards in the clinical trial industry and transform the way that clinical trials are run? TrialNetworks, part of DrugDev, is currently recruiting for a software development interns that will be involved in full stack development of unique industry tools.

· Who? 3-4 software engineering students with foundational coursework under their belt

· What? Ruby on Rails / MySQL / Prototype.js stack. No ruby experience required, we will be mentoring daily on Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript once the program starts

· When? Monday, June 29th to Friday, August 21st, 8am-4pm

· Where? In our Newton, MA office working alongside our 7 person technology team  

· Why? Competitive pay, good mentoring, enthusiastic culture

Successful candidates will possess a powerful work ethic with a strong desire to develop web applications; an understanding of object-oriented programming principles; a familiarity with relational databases and/or SQL; exposure to web programming as a field. Candidates should be pursuing or in posession of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline.


To apply, please send an electronic copy of your resume and a solution to the following coding exercise in a language of your choice to careers@trialnetworks.com:


Write a program that accepts a list of words.  The program should then allow a user to input a single word and print out all the anagrams of that word from the original list.



About DrugDev

DrugDev is a global clinical trial solutions company with offices in Philadelphia, Boston, and London.  Founded in 2008 as a London based site selection service, the company has grown considerably via acquisition of leading industry solutions to help create standards across the industry.  DrugDev solutions currently encompass a variety of technology enabled products or services to help pharma and CROs run their trials more efficiently, including site start-up (including feasibility, selection, contracting, and document collection), the industry leading payments platform powered by the acquisition of CFS Clinical in 2013, and an award winning study optimization platform powered by TrialNetworks.  The company also leads the industry in data solutions as the host of The Investigator Databank, a consortium of top pharma companies including Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen, Lilly, and Merck who all rely upon DrugDev to integrate all of their own investigator data and manage this game-changing asset.

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