We are looking for someone responsible for our overall marketing efforts. You will be in charge on all marketing aspects of Dreem.


The marketing team will be working in collaboration with the R&D team based in France, with our different partners in France and California, and with the design and product team in SF. There will be 2 main axis :

Strategic marketing 
- build the brand and the history  
- build the go-to-market strategy 
- conduct a deep market study 
- price definition 
- positioning of the company and the product 
- build a PR strategy 
- build a communication strategy for both beta launch and final product launch

Operational marketing 
- marketing and communication content for investors, press, website, social media 
- build a relationship with future users and beta testers 
- planning 
- help to build the team 
- find new partners and work with current partners


- 5-10 year experience in marketing 
- deep interest in science and technology 
- experience in hardware product 
- experience in consumer 
- multi-tasking 
- experience in luxury / high-end product is a + 
- experience in wearable is a + 
- great range of knowledge : strategy, market study and targeting, digital marketing, PR, etc.


You will be working with our marketing/sales/design/operations team in the heart of San Francisco. You will help us to put our first consumer product on the market, and you will evolve in the fascinating field of the neurotechnology, where neuroscience meets computer science.

About Dreem

Dreem Headband is the first active wearable that makes your sleep better. Based on a stimulation process coming from innovative research work in neurosciences, Dreem Headband augments the duration and the quality of deep sleep, a particular sleep stage where crucial biological processes take place such as memory consolidation, cellular regeneration or biological clock reset. The first results in laboratory showed an increase of deep sleep but also of the cognitive performances on the awakening, such as memory, focusing or energy. In a world where stress, work constraints, psychotropics or environmental factors are decreasing the quality of sleep, the Dreem Headband is the first active wearable that will help people increase the quality of their sleep but also of their performances during the day.

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