We’re looking for confident, talented and hungry developers to join our experienced engineers in developing the next generation of our advanced, bot – blocking platform.  We guarantee you’ll touch more deeply technical topics building systems at scale with us than anywhere else if leveraging technologies like web-sockets to stream live data to a browser or building out complex historical reporting systems sounds like fun, you will fit right in.

What do you need?  Our requirements are basic:

  • Candidates must be US citizens.  We are unable to sponsor Visas. 
  • Technical Discipline: BA/BS degree in engineering, computer science or related field. 3-5 years of experience working with large-scale applications.
  • Passion for Coding: You didn’t just take programming classes to get a job, you did it because there’s nothing else on this planet you can imagine yourself doing. You have experience writing your own unit and functional tests. Experience practicing TDD/BDD is a plus.
  • Creativity: You have had experience solving unique problems, not just building API’s. Come wow us with an approach to problems we’ve been struggling with that’s elegant and amazing.
  • Agile Developer: Solid experience working with Open Source tools.
  • Communication Skills: Be clear, focused and vocal. Make relevant recommendations that you are prepared to complete. 
  • Ruby Knowledge: Proven track record with a minimum of 3-5 years software/computer engineering experience. Competency strong enough to help mentor Junior Ruby developers.
  • Autonomy: Be able to self-govern.  Yes we will coach and support your growth but as a buzzing start-up, we will need you to be able to work independently.

What’s In It For You:

  • Provided you are smart enough to make witty comebacks, at Distil, your Costco jeans and howling-wolf tee shirt won’t devalue your work. We hand out nifty Bot Blocking tees so consider your wardrobe significantly upgraded.
  • The ability to get the true start up experience working for a fast pace, fast growing SaaS company with great profitability.
  • Collaborating with the development team your voice should and will be heard.
  • Impressive compensation with generous salary, private equity, elite healthcare, unlimited PTO and other executive privileges.

About Distil Networks

Founded in 2011, Distil Networks is the leading public and private cloud security provider that blocks malicious bots, or automated computer programs, attacking your website. With a mission of making the web more secure, Distil Networks mitigates against duplicate content, improves SEO strength and accelerates the end-user experience--all while reducing infrastructure costs. The setup to stop bots is lightning-fast, secure, and completely transparent. Distil is now looking for an experienced Ruby Developer to come aboard. 

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