Dispatch is looking to hire a Junior UI Designer. This individual will assist in the design of our mobile web application, allowing you to work in tandem with our Design Lead and product management teams. Your challenge is to reduce the complexity into an elegantly simple and beautiful experience


You are:

You should be a recent grad or young professional with a graphic design or illustration degree who possesses an interest in software, startups and technology. Your eye for style is impeccable, and you consider yourself especially knowledgeable about typography. You are proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and/or other visual design and wire-framing tools.

Philosophically, you need to be a self-starter, preferably with an entrepreneurial background. You need to value simplicity, above all else, since many of our users could generously be described as “technology laggards”. You prefer prototyping over heavy documentation. Long nights over comprising on quality. Shipping over talking. Mac over PC.

About Dispatch

We think of ourselves as a group of deep thinkers, do-ers and expert-level foosball players. Our staff ranges from young early twenties developers to seasoned business veterans with 20 years of experience, each who think they are experts in their fields.Most of our mental bandwidth and time is devoted to honing and improving our platform, and we clock long hours in the office to prove it. But we’re happy to call Dispatch HQ our second home. After all, it’s equipped with some of our favorite things: A loveable office dog, a fleet of drones, a 3D printer and a wide selection of delicious snacks. If you are a curious, inventive and dedicated worker, you’ll fit right in.

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