Dispatch is hiring a dedicated Customer Success Agent. This person will help execute every aspect of our customer account lifecycle. If you are looking to work in a dynamic, high energy, growing start-up environment where you can be involved in every aspect of the company, then this opportunity may be for you.


You are:

As one of our earliest Customer Success hires, you will be involved with our team to provide feedback and assist with optimising our process and strategy surrounding support and customer success management. Responsibilities in this position are wide-ranging and diverse, ranging from day-to-day support to complex troubleshooting issues to account advocacy. You will have the opportunity to interact with our Product and Engineering teams as well as interact with Senior Management to provide direct feedback as the voice of the customer.  


Many of our customers aren’t just switching software services, they’re migrating their field service management from a pen-and-paper solution to our on-demand platform. They require assistance from patient, proactive customer success agents who are willing to go the extra mile in helping them transform their businesses.


The ideal candidate for this position brings a positive, upbeat attitude, patience and ability to empathise with our clients. Strong problem solving skills and an inquisitive and insightful attitude are required. You should be an effective communicator and have exceptional social skills. When faced with an challenging issue, your instinct is to demonstrate patience, perseverance and not be afraid to make suggestions and creative solutions. You are not intimidated by challenges and are eager to surpass your own limitations. Although not mandatory, previous experience in positions involving sales, customer support or technical implementation or development expertise are strong pluses.


About Dispatch

We think of ourselves as a group of deep thinkers, do-ers and expert-level foosball players. Our staff ranges from young early twenties developers to seasoned business veterans with 20 years of experience, each who think they are experts in their fields.Most of our mental bandwidth and time is devoted to honing and improving our platform, and we clock long hours in the office to prove it. But we’re happy to call Dispatch HQ our second home. After all, it’s equipped with some of our favorite things: A loveable office dog, a fleet of drones, a 3D printer and a wide selection of delicious snacks. If you are a curious, inventive and dedicated worker, you’ll fit right in.

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