We are seeking a dynamic and whip-smart candidate for the position of Director of Software Development. We’re taking our DARPA funded projects from R&D to the commercial space and as Director of Software Development you’d have the opportunity to lead from the front and see your work put out there in the world. A candidate who has the thirst to solve problems and prototype solutions quickly will thrive. As the software nears commercial viability the role will place greater emphasis on workflow and code review.


  • You would be responsible for creating and directing workflow on projects, which means setting key priorities, goals, budgets and timelines as you assess problems, propose solutions, monitor software quality, and improve code functionality and reliability
  • Implementing plans while forecasting their needs to stay ahead of them.
  • Leading a team of talented software developers
  • Work alongside business and marketing staff to determine business requirements and rapidly translate them into final products
  • Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within the company


  • Innovative and passionate with a go-for-broke work ethic
  • The sort of person who can lead a team of consultants as both a manager and a role model
  • A self-starter and a creative problem solver who can work both fast and efficiently


  • Computer Science or related Engineering degree or equivalent experience
  • 1+ years experience developing production software systems
  • Programming Windows services (.NET)
  • Designing/building Android apps; working with the Android development environment
  • Database programming experience (SQLite, mongoDB)
  • Good grasp on multi-threaded programming: thread-safety, race conditions, etc.
  • Good grasp on math fundamentals


  • Experience working with large amounts of unstructured data from a large number of sources
  • Early start-up experience

About Alliure Security Technology, Inc.

Small startup creating innovative technology in the User Behavior Analytics (UBA) space. We work to protect your computer or device continuously, without any password for convenient, hassle-free protection. WE ARE CREATORS We believe in a world where everyone is free to create — whether pioneering biomedical research, making a movie, or building an app. Security shouldn't get in the way of innovation, but should evolve to fit our needs. We make security for people, not machines. WE ARE SCIENTISTS We are solving today’s critical problems. And we want our work to reach outside the lab into the world. Our story begins in a Columbia research lab, where we’ve been developing solutions to address pressing problems — and anticipate future problems — since 1996. With support from DARPA, DHS, and NSF, Allure has been awarded $10 million to research, develop, and test the technology behind our products. Our team holds over 47 patents and has published over 300 papers. WE ARE COLLABORATORS Whether a research lab or a jazz quartet, unexpected connections spark genius. We’re lucky to kick around big ideas with luminaries from business, law, technology, and academia. Our advisors guide us to think bigger picture and all the pixels.

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