Call it online marketing, digital marketing or growth hacking, this role is all about creating an international marketing strategy for increasing traffic and conversions. We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager who has been directly involved in scaling a business by successfully implementing a digital marketing strategy. A Digital Marketing Manager who specializes in SEO, SEM and conversion rate optimization and can just as easily create a campaign from scratch.

This role is one of the most important roles at QuickTapSurvey and is a blend of content, analytics, and marketing. You will report directly to the Co-CEO, but will be given autonomy and the power to make key decisions. You will be a leader in the organization and will be expected to grow the marketing team.

QuickTapSurvey helps businesses collect data in person using tablets and phones without an internet connection. Our surveys are easy to create, fun to do, and beautifully designed — it’s no wonder we’re the highest rated survey app. We’re trusted by thousands of organizations in over 80 countries, and our company is growing. The opportunities – for our product, and our people – are endless.

We need a Digital Marketing Manager who is obsessed with optimizing, dreams in analytics, and lives for growth. Someone with strengths in SEO strategy, site audits, and competitive keywords analysis to retrieve critical insights. A Digital Marketing Manager with strong leadership abilities and extensive experience creating out-of-the ordinary online marketing strategies. Someone whose entire world will revolve around bringing traffic to our website and converting that traffic.

So how do we know that you are the next Digital Marketing Manager for QuickTapSurvey?  You can:

  • Hit the ground running.  Success is your motivation. You have proven expertise and the confidence to use it.  We need someone who understands our challenges and our goals: We want more convertible traffic.  We want a bigger market share.  We want a targeted audience that knows we are the best.
  • Challenge our current direction and ask all the right questions while offering insight and advice backed up with research.
  • Answer all the hard questions.  You understand the intricacies of digital marketing for web products, the difficulties and excitement of start-ups.
  • Interpret the results of current campaigns and make accurate predictions of new ones.  You can use the data and your analytical prowess to determine why a method or approach was successful (or not).
  • Capitalize on opportunities to grow the business through new digital channels and increased exposure. You don’t just want our audience, you want the attention of other audiences too!
  • Seize every opportunity you see and a ton that you invent.  You are willing to push yourself and us outside the boundaries.
  • Hustle and hack with the best of them.  Creative and original doesn’t even begin to describe your approach to connecting with your target audience.

This is an opportunity for someone who wants to truly drive the direction of their role, their team, and our product.  Someone who wants to be hands-on, all-in, and an active participant. A Digital Marketing Manager that can work side-by-side with the leadership team, adding depth and flavour to the competitive landscape while training the marketing team on benchmark,onsite, offpage, and mobile SEO.

Culture-fit is really important to us. We need someone who can step in, step up, and step forward with us.  But we also need the best Digital Marketing Manager out there.  Someone with a degree in Digital Marketing or Marketing and all of the technical and strategic knowledge of an expert in their field. This includes:

  • Understanding the nuances of working with a company growing rapidly.
  • A diverse digital toolkit including Google Analytics, Adwords, Optimizely etc.
  • A collaborative approach.
  • The strength to build and lead a team that can create content, design assets for launching high quality campaigns that optimize target audience.
  • An insider’s roadmap to not just managing, but benefiting from paid search, content, and email marketing campaigns.
  • A passion for what you do and the ability to speak to it informally and formally including weekly reporting to the CO-CEO.

Why join QuickTapSurvey?

We are a small team doing big things. QuickTapSurvey was started in 2010 by two friends in a basement office. Our goal was to make data collection pain-free, fun and interactive. It’s 2015 and we have experienced explosive growth.  We have thousands of customers from around the world that are excited to be part of what we do. We’ve also ditched that basement for a downtown Toronto office. Despite our growth, we hold onto the same values as we did at the beginning: listen to customers and make their lives easier.

Joining QuickTapSurvey means more than free beer.  It’s more than working with a group of super smart people. This is a chance to  work directly with the founders of the company; a chance to propose ideas directly to decision makers and know you’ve made an impact. Our vision and the way we work is truly Agile with continuous integration that eliminates frustration and capitalizes on momentum.

We want new talent to help us grow and evolve. In return we offer exposure to new technologies and platforms; opportunity to stretch yourself and build your skillset; and an innovation-is-welcome environment.

About QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey was started in 2010 by two friends in a basement office. Their goal was to make data collection pain-free, fun and interactive. Since then we've grown considerably. Our software is built and supported by our amazing team in Toronto, Canada and we have customers all over the world. Despite our growth, we hold onto the same values as we did at the beginning: listen to customers and make their lives easier.

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