The Role

Smart, professional and engaging content is key to DialedIN’s lead generation and prospecting engine. The job of Content Marketing Manger is to convert online visitors into leads (and subsequently leads into customers) by providing them with the information and tools they value.  You’ll have the opportunity to develop content such as ebooks, kits, webinars, etc. from scratch.  You’ll be expected to conduct email marketing to ensure emails arrive into the right inboxes, at the right times and increase open and clickthrough rates.  To sustain and develop DialedIN’s voice across Blog content, you’ll also have a knack and love for writing, with a comprehensive understanding of the Sales & Marketing technology industry.

Our culture combines hard work with lots of fun, proactive positive energy. We’re passionate about achieving results and looking for people who can demonstrate copious amounts of self-motivation and sheer determination to get the job done.  You have the ability to communicate things clearly, coherently and unambiguously.  You have a passion and genuine interest in the subject matter and are thrive in a collaborative working environment.


  • Writing instructional content including ebooks, templates, whitepapers, etc.

  • Designing and tweaking layouts for ebooks, templates, whitepapers, etc.

  • Planning and producing webinars.

  • Creating and optimizing landing pages through A/B testing.

  • Understanding and creating content that aligns with our buyer personas’ interests and needs.

  • Developing new types of content and offers from scratch to address problems or gaps in our content strategy.

  • Managing email campaigns from start to finish, including planning, testing, evaluating, and reporting.

  • Developing and optimizing lead nurturing campaigns.

  • Segmenting contact lists and personalizing emails based on recipients’ interests and needs.

  • Optimizing email for mobile devices.

  • Growing our email list organically, not through bought or rented lists.

Previous Experience & Skills

  • Previous experience with enterprise SaaS marketing, preferably Marketing Automation or CRM.

  • Excellent understanding of email marketing concepts and metrics such as sender score , deliverability, and sender reputation.

  • A love and knack for writing both brief and in-depth content (with possible journalism background)

  • Content samples that demonstrate writing skills.

  • Some basic design skills using tools like PowerPoint, Photoshop, and InDesign.

  • Excellent independent and team collaboration skills.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in either Business/Commerce, Marketing or Journalism.

  • 2-3 years of experience in email marketing and/or content creation experience.

About DialedIN

DialedIN is an NYC based enterprise software startup that is helping enterprise sales teams all over the world close more deals, faster, by re-inventing how they deliver sales content to their prospects and customers.  We’re a newly formed team of 12 that already work with 20+ incredible clients like JP Morgan Chase, ABC Disney, Scholastic, MLB Network, Etihad Airways, … and we're just getting started.

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