In today’s world, the roles of DevOps and engineer have been highly intertwined.  At BeenVerified, we believe all engineers need to be trained and proficient in DevOps just as all DevOps need to be trained as software engineers.  In that way, the interplay between the two roles becomes more of team sport with comradery rather than a source of tension.  We believe in automation and tools to do the boring mundane work, while we put our minds to more useful, fun and challenging tasks.

Not all problems should be solved with programs. You will choose between writing new software and scripting a solution in shell. You’ll pick the most appropriate technology for the problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll advise developers on the best ways to make their applications highly available and rebuild our production environment to make it more available, deployable, and globalized.


  • Help provision, build, and maintain a high availability infrastructure to support multiple applications and services
  • Help analyze, troubleshoot, and allocate network resources
  • Assist developers in architecting distributed solutions
  • Assist developers in debugging network and infrastructure issues
  • Automate monitoring and alerts for system integrity, health, and security
  • Design, implement, and maintain disaster recovery solutions
  • Use automation and scripting whenever possible.  Avoid the meat cloud!
  • Develop monitors and build alerts around error conditions and performance. You’ll seek root causes.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Experience working in complex distributed systems
  • Experience dealing with high volumes of traffic both consistent and in spikes
  • Experience with tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins and Fabric
  • Extensive experience with AWS, Rack Space Cloud, OpenStack, and other virtualization technologies
  • Proficient in multiple scripting languages including Bash, Zsh, Ruby, and Python
  • Proven experience managing some of the following: Redis, Memcached, ElasticSearch, Solr
  • Proven experience managing some of the following: MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Cassandra
  • Proven experience managing some of the following: Nginx, Apache, Varnish
  • Strong Linux competence (cowsay and fortune)
  • Strong networking fundamentals, such as DNS, VPN, Network Protocols, Firewalls/IPTables
  • RDBMS DDL competency
  • Hands-on, self-starter

Nice to Have

  • Experience with Hadoop/HDFS
  • Some Java programing experience
  • Bachelors degree or higher (or equivalent experience).
  • Built and deployed Rails, Python, or Go Applications
  • Familiarity with Capistrano

Additional Skills Appreciated but Not Required

  • You can handle your own at ping pong
  • You have a strong opinion on the types of swag the company should be wearing
  • You enjoy building your own work setup (Mac/PC, big screens, Aerons, etc.) and getting the latest in tech gadgetry

About BeenVerified

BeenVerified's mission is to help people discover, understand, and use public data in their everyday lives.We're democratizing access to public records that were traditionally expensive and hard to access.

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