ABOUT The Role:

About has been a top 20 site on the internet, since the internet was born. We have data stretching back before the existence of Google. The Data Science team has existed for less than a year. As a Data Science Engineer it will be your responsibility to build amazing tools and products on top of the unique data sets at our disposal.

ABOUT Your Responsibilities:

  • Innovate rapidly to build proofs of concept that can take an idea and prove that it will work across a huge content company
  • Engineer the proof of concept to run at scale
  • Bring in, structure, store and query massive datasets in the right way to power the products we need.
  • Attend and present at conferences to keep the wider team up to date with innovations in data, data science algorithms, and machine learning.

ABOUT Your Qualifications:

  • Python chops, preferably with NLP and Machine Learning experience
  • Bachelors/Masters Degree in relevant field and 3-5 years programming experience
  • Proficiency with MongoDB, experience with distributed data store technologies such as Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Impala is a plus
  • Experience with Node.js a plus
  • Experience with version control systems, particularly Git
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience using web technologies for sophisticated data visualization

About About.com

About.com is by far the largest network of expert content on the internet, providing nearly 90 million monthly unique users with outstanding, intent-driven, actionable information. A top-10 US website as measured by comScore, we feature over 3 million articles, across 11 verticals including Home & Garden, Health, Travel, Food and Style. We are the premiere expert-driven resource on the web, with nearly 1,000 topic-specific experts.

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