The potential of “big data” is huge, and retailers are seeking ways to leverage customer data to improve their marketing efforts. They are looking for deep insights on every customer segment with the hope that big data will help them improve the manner in which they acquire customers, and maximize the potential of each customer relationship. However, while the opportunity is clear, the industry is in the very early stages of figuring out exactly how to harness the potential of big data. Custora provides a unique answer to that question: A customer-centric marketing platform delivered in SaaS, which is easily implementable and immediately usable.

This type of “customer-centric marketing” software is new to the market. When pitching a new potential customer, we need to help them reframe the way they think about marketing (e.g., from a product-centric or campaign-focused lens to a customer-focus). While our Marketing team is working hard to inform and educate our audience on this new breed of customer-centric marketing, our sales team needs to understand and help articulate the problems that each potential customer is facing and explain how Custora provides solutions that are easily situated within that customer’s unique operational processes.


We’re looking to build out the core Business Development and Sales team to help us define and implement a scalable, repeatable process to power us through the next stage of growth. This will be the team most directly responsible for lead generation and qualification, product demo strategy and execution, and building and nurturing relationships across the sales lifecycle. The role requires a mix of strategy and execution. Not only will you help us re-craft, refine, and redesign our pitch, you will also help develop new approaches for lead qualification, new market penetration and sales process efficiency. You will build growth plans and test and implement the plans you create.

With every potential growth channel you touch, you will be experimental in your approach. What are we trying to learn? How will we measure success? How quickly can we get our answers?


We asked Brett, our Head of Business Development, to provide a description of a day from last week. In his words:

I tested out some new pitch material in the morning. One of Custora’s key features is that we detect when individual shoppers veer off their usual purchase tendencies and become “at risk” for churn. I built out some models that show the potential revenue gains of “plugging the leaky bucket.” Combining that with some good case studies, it painted a compelling picture for the prospect about the ROI we can generate.


Later, I had call number 13 with a prospective customer who has been on the verge of signing for about a month now. It’s exciting to keep inching forward, but it also got me thinking about hurdles to sign and bottlenecks in the sales process. I’ve taken some steps to help with this. I drafted up a new approach to make the contracting step easier and faster, and we’ve also started to log all the questions and objections we hear. But we’re in the early stages of improving our process in these regards. We’re growing well, because we’ve got great case studies, great ROI numbers, and we go live so quickly. To accelerate our growth rate, however, we need to figure out why some organizations stall.



I closed out the day doing some prep work for an upcoming conference. We’ve had some great results from conferences in the past, but they’ve been hit or miss. I’m working hard to ensure we have multiple meetings set up in and around the event. Netta, our Head of Marketing, helped me refine some of our outbound emails, and we worked on a new one-pager for the event.


We’re looking for someone with experience selling in the b2b industry, ideally within the retail marketing landscape. We expect that you have some opinions on what worked well, and some thoughts on what you’d do differently if given the chance to help shape a team from the ground up. Startup experience is a plus. If you don’t have experience selling, we’re open to non-traditional backgrounds as well. Maybe you spoke in front of a crowd recently and enjoyed it. You changed their mind about something. Maybe they were even laughing (with you, hopefully). If you have a natural knack for sales or you are a veteran looking to apply your lessons learned while helping build a team from the ground up, we want to hear from you.



Please apply on our website: https://www.custora.com/careers/business_development

About Custora

Custora provides a SaaS platform that helps online retailers better understand their customers and improve their customer acquisition and retention programs. We’re on a mission to remove the “mass” from mass marketing. Our software uses data science to uncover meaningful customer segments and integrates directly with various marketing tools to help retailers predict and address each segment's unique needs and interests. Since taking part in Y Combinator’s 2011 batch, we have grown to become a profitable business working with some of the leading e-commerce brands in the country including Etsy, One Kings Lane, LivingSocial, and Bonobos. We were named one of Time Magazine’ 10 NYC Startups to Watch in 2013, and our headquarters are in the Flatiron District in Manhattan, NY. We work hard, work together, and care deeply about building a business and a culture that will have a positive impact on the world.   

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