Custora is a young brand within an emerging category of marketing software. Recognizing the potential of “big data,” retailers are seeking ways to leverage data to improve the way they acquire customers and the way they manage customer relationships. Custora’s SaaS platform offers a unique approach to this challenge by enabling retailers to become more “customer-centric.” The software first analyzes data to enable retail marketers to better understand their customers, then helps retailers build more tailored marketing programs based on those insights. Our Marketing team is central to our ability to shape the industry and establish our place in the market. The team is focused on finding and implementing scalable, efficient ways to introduce Custora to the market of e-commerce retailers. We are working to inform and educate our audience on the new breed of “customer-centric” marketing that our software enables. We’re preaching new ways of doing marketing to our customers, and trying to practice them ourselves – by creating content and research initiatives like Custora U and The Custora Pulse.

This requires a mix of both strategic thinking and tactical execution. You’ll need to be able to think critically about our role in the rapidly evolving marketing technology landscape and also roll up your sleeves and write content, reach out to the press, and optimize the Inbound funnel with everything from SEO to drip campaigns. You’ll expand upon Custora U and the Custora Pulse, and develop new Inbound initiatives.

To get a better sense of what life is like at Custora, we thought it might useful to have a member of the Marketing team describe a typical day. Here’s what Netta, our Head of Marketing, said:


I started the day making some progress on a new course in Custora U we’re writing about Persona Marketing. The big challenge with Persona marketing is combining qualitative and quantitative approaches. Coming from the e-commerce side of things, I know the value of conducting interviews with customers to gain a qualitative understanding of their needs, and how we might better serve them with products and brand messaging. On the other hand, I also know the risks – interviewing a random customer here and there might be unrepresentative of the whole customer population. This can lead to some dangerous decision making. I’m really excited about sharing our approach here.

David, the Head of Design, then asked me for some quick feedback related to the upcoming re-launch of the Marketing side of our website. We were trying to redesign the website to be less feature-oriented and more solutions-oriented so potential customers would have an easier time navigating the site.


When I finally got back to my desk, I shifted focus to Social. We had just started our Facebook account (follow/like us on Facebook!) and I had wanted to start getting things in place so we could run our Facebook marketing campaigns. Recognizing that neither my persistent pleas nor my willingness to bribe people with sweets was going to get everyone on the team to email all their friends to ask them join our Facebook account, we found a little javascript hack to send out to our team so each person could easily invite their friends to our new Facbeook page. Easier and cheaper than my other idea. Win.



Lastly, I had to prepare the funnel stats for our monthly report – a task that became a whole lot easier for Custorians thanks to the good people at Marketo.


We’re looking for someone with marketing experience either with an online retailer or with a B2B company, or a demonstrated, unwavering passion for e-commerce and digital marketing. Startup experience and / or an MBA is a plus.


Please apply on our website at https://www.custora.com/careers/marketing

About Custora

Custora provides a SaaS platform that helps online retailers better understand their customers and improve their customer acquisition and retention programs. We’re on a mission to remove the “mass” from mass marketing. Our software uses data science to uncover meaningful customer segments and integrates directly with various marketing tools to help retailers predict and address each segment's unique needs and interests. Since taking part in Y Combinator’s 2011 batch, we have grown to become a profitable business working with some of the leading e-commerce brands in the country including Etsy, One Kings Lane, LivingSocial, and Bonobos. We were named one of Time Magazine’ 10 NYC Startups to Watch in 2013, and our headquarters are in the Flatiron District in Manhattan, NY. We work hard, work together, and care deeply about building a business and a culture that will have a positive impact on the world. 

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