Job Description

As one of our Customer Success  Managers (CSM), you will be responsible for building and maintaining post-sales relationships with VMTurbo’s largest and most complex customers. You will serve as a Customer Success Manager to ensure successful implementations and as an account manager to ensure that the customers serve as a positive reference and continue their operationalization of VMTurbo technology. Additionally, you will become the customer’s single point of contact into all of VMTurbo. As such, your technical abilities are critical in identifying solutions, troubleshooting issues, and answering technical questions as they arise.
  • Provide project leadership for the customer’s major VMTurbo initiatives. This would include project management functions and solutions architecting functions
  • Assist the customer in defining, capturing, documenting and sharing the actual financial value provided by VMTurbo and establish the ROI
  • Manage cross-functional VMTurbo project teams, which could consist of VMTurbo engineers, product management, marketing and support staff
  • Design and develop in the field innovative solutions to customer requirements including custom reports and third party integrations that extend VMTurbo’s core value proposition
  • Maintain current functional and technical knowledge of the VMTurbo, virtualization, converged infrastructure and storage networks
  • Gather and maintain current information on the customer’s virtualization infrastructure
  • Provide clear and constructive product feedback to VMTurbo Product Management teams based on customer requirements
  • Help to document best practices in developing and deploying VMTurbo solutions
  • Function as a front-line technical resource for “best practice” and informal customer questions and act as liaison between customers and both the Engineering and Product Management offices

Required skills

  • 2-4  years experience minimum in customer-facing positions as a professional services consultant or sales engineer
  • Understanding of hardware architecture and infrastructure design
  • Coding experience a must, with a strong background in SQL and scripting (Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Strong technical background, with previous experience in Linux system administration, technical architecture and Virtualization management
  • Strong analytical skills regarding technical and project management issues
  • Strong professional documentation skills
  • Strong understanding of strategic sales process
  • Strong organizational skills with an ability to manage competing client demands
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to travel approx. 75% percent of the time
  • B.S., B.A., or M.S. Degree preferred
  • Java coding experience preferred


About VMTurbo

Overview: As companies of all sizes adopt “cloud infrastructures” they have to think differently about how they manage and control their environment. Our solution is simple: VMTurbo delivers service assurance and infrastructure efficiency for cloud and virtualized environments which is critical to every business. Backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Globespan Capital, our team has spent the past five years building a revolutionary product that has already helped hundreds of companies re-think the future of their data center and their journey to “the cloud.” Our offering is both unique and dynamic in terms of its compelling capabilities, BUT our success will be dependent on the quality of people we hire! Recruiting the best, retaining them and setting them up for success will allow our business and employees to prosper and thrive. Products & Services: VMTurbo isn’t your grandmother’s monitor – it’s a Software-Driven Control system for virtualized data centers that actually manages your data center rather than just presenting more data. VMTurbo doesn’t force users to consume an ever-growing mountain of data to make decisions about how to keep their environment in a healthy state – we give that data to the VMs to work out. How? VMTurbo Operations Manager – our core platform – leverages basic economic theory. In effect, VMTurbo “teaches” the VMs how to price their resources based on efficient market supply and demand. This market-based process enables business’s data center to generate the actions needed to drive it to a healthy state and control it there. In doing so, VMTurbo assures application performance while maximizing the utilization of a data center’s physical – and human – resources.

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