We are looking for a high-energy Customer Success Engineer that will help ensure our customers have the best experience possible.


You should be someone who’s deeply technical but also have “people skills” as you will be the face of Loggly to many of our customers.  You should be very familiar with modern web apps, applications and operations management as well as related open source and commercial software tools.  You should be able to write code or scripts if/when needed while always remaining focused on customer success as the priority.  You should be someone with a learning personality who prides themselves on the breadth and depth of their knowledge but also able to distill complex concepts for those less technical.  


Some of the day to day activities will include helping customers during onboarding, educating best practices, creating example dashboards and alerts, and maintaining the documentation.  This role will also carry a large responsibility of reporting and representing the customers needs in our product direction discussions.


What you will be doing

·         Be the champion for customers and what they need to succeed at every step

·         Mastering our product

·         Fielding questions of all types, answering the ones you with can, and escalating the ones you need help with

·         Working closely with product managers and developers to help understand and resolve challenges our customers are facing

·         Maintaining an online knowledge base and documentation

·         Creating reports on any trending issues or areas to improve using customer data


What you wont be doing:

·         Working at a call center

·         Only focused on closing support requests all day

·         The same thing every day




·         At least 1-2 years as Technical Support, Customer Success Engineer, or similar role  in a software company

·         Quick learner of new technology and an outstanding ability to teach others

·         Experience with a SaaS delivery model is desirable

·         Domain expertise with IT/Dev operations, app monitoring or log management software is highly desirable.

·         Exceptional oral and written communications skills



About Loggly

About LogglyWith more than 5000 customers, Loggly is the leader in cloud-based log management.  Our market is hot, fast growing and so are we.  Even our energetic mascot Hoover is having a hard time keeping up. Loggly solves a pesky big data problem:  Making sense of oodles of log data coming from towering forests of web, cloud and mobile applications and infrastructure.  The more apps, the more log data.  We deliver a robust solution that thrives on volume, speed and scale to simplify log management for across organizations and deliver real-time application intelligence in the cloud.

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