Crimson Hexagon is an international social media analytics software company. As an innovator in the emerging space, Crimson provides industry-leading social media listening and analysis software services to global brands, agencies, organizations and their partners. With a deep understanding of unstructured text analytics, we go beyond the basic metrics and provide expert insights for everyday use. Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media feeds, the company’s platform delivers business intelligence and more to provide our customers with actionable insights to plan strategically for success.




We are a small, dedicated team that works hard every day to develop the latest in big data and social media analytics. As a department, we’re looking for cutting-edge work everyday on our sentiment analysis algorithms, cloud server infrastructure, and front-end data visualizations. By joining a growing and agile development team as a front-end developer, you’ll be responsible for enhancing the user experience of a powerful and innovative SaaS analytics platform.

  • Implement useful and beautiful features and visualizations
  • Work daily with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, D3, and other technologies
  • Help us craft our next-generation front-end architecture and drive front-end stack decisions on cutting-edge frameworks like React, Backbone, and Ember
  • Help steer the design and functionality of the ForSight platform, used by huge brands worldwide
  • Push the limits of Big Data visualization design and development


  • A portfolio and/or sample code projects to demonstrate your best work
  • Significant professional experience building web-based products with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • A desire to write clean and modular code, not just “something that works”
  • An eye for elegant and modern design, and the ability to tell good from bad
  • An easygoing nature, working with a diverse team of disparate personalities
  • Comfort interacting with all levels of an organization, from interns to CEOs
  • Bonus Skills: Strong original design chops, Java-based back-end coding experience

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