Who We Are

ContextMedia is a health information services company, building digital media technologies to deliver lifestyle education to patients to improve health outcomes. Headquartered in Chicago, we are the fastest-growing company in the industry impacting millions each month through contextual and actionable video programming in physician practices nationwide.

ContextMedia is a high-growth entrepreneurial organization where hustle and grittiness is in our DNA. We’re creative problem-solvers who fight until we win. Our close-knit team works in a non-hierarchical organization with transparent communication and individual ownership over outcomes. ContextMedians are fun, passionate and authentic — striving for excellence. For more information, please visit http://www.contextmediainc.com.

Who We Need

We are looking for someone who wants to join our team to make a tangible impact on patients’ lives in a positive, respectful, fast-paced, and fun environment. At ContextMedia, we have designed and operate a large-scale server/client platform to remotely manage thousands of Android tablets and Linux/Android media players, which facilitate real time communications, remote configuration, and a GUI player app for patients to view in the physician’s waiting room and exam room.

The solution itself includes features commonly included in most MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions such as:

  • Silent install, uninstall and update of applications (no end user intervention necessary for installation)
  • Granular control of devices at the node level – for functions such as the volume of the device, restarting the device, dimming the device, and kiosk mode
  • Real Time monitoring of devices at the node level for online/offline status, battery status, performance monitoring (CPU, memory, etc), and more

In order to help further develop our infrastructure, we are looking for someone with the following skills and passion:

  • 3-7 years with a full stack web framework preferably Ruby on Rails, but open to LAMP, Java, and Django
  • An obsession with writing high quality, test covered code with a healthy balance of TDD and continuous integration (Jenkins) in an agile, sprint based environment
  • Enhancing performance (memory, database, disk I/O) issues up and down the software stack on Linux based servers utilizing monitoring frameworks such as Sensu
  • Scaling and operating a large, robust network of remote Android and Linux media platforms using WebSockets and heartbeats
  • Scaling via threading frameworks and caching such as Sidekiq and memcache
  • Interfacing with web services and third party APIs including RESTful
  • Working with both SQL and NoSQL databases such MySQL and MongoDB
  • Basic proficiency in HTML/CSS/Javascript, preferably with administrative interfaces such as ActiveAdmin
  • A desire to write metrics-driven code that will be measured post deployment as part of the dev cycle using frameworks such as MixPanel and Redshift
  • A deep interest in the product development lifecycle, automation when appropriate, and refactoring with CodeClimate
  • Compassion and empathy for your teammates in highly collaborative environment; team player in a fun, respectful, positive environment
  • Open source contributions a big plus



How To Apply

Please submit a resume and/or LinkedIn profile at www.contextmediainc.com/careers. Please address in the cover letter section why you’d like to be a part of the ContextMedia family and how your skills are well suited for this position.

About ContextMedia

Based in Chicago, we own and operate a suite of digital healthcare networks delivering condition-specific programming at point-of-care in all 50 states. We empower healthcare professionals to engage patients while curating content personalized for each member practice.As a mission-driven organization, we strive to deliver media as a service to educate and inspire audiences utilizing the latest digital media technologies. Our state-of-the-art healthcare platforms are supplemented with mobile technologies built for a range of technology proficiency levels. To learn more, please visit www.contextmediahealth.com.

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