You’ll be the lead Content Creator (i.e. Writer) and Content Marketer for the world’s leading source of news, resources, and information about legal funding, Legal Funding Central 360 (http://lfc-360.com). Your time will be roughly split as follows: 40% – writing a variety of content (both style and type) around legal finance (it’s far more interesting than it sounds, trust us!). 20% – hiring/managing freelance writers and editing their content. 40% – promoting content through various channels.


Required Skill Set


  1. Self-starter: you crave autonomy and are excited by the idea of taking ownership over our content portal.

  2. Writer: you REALLY enjoy writing and you can write professionally while still retaining personality and style.

  3. Hustler: you’re enthusiastic, energetic, and prepared to pound the digital pavement and do whatever it takes to get content in front of eyeballs and influencers.

About Legal Funding Central

 Legal Funding Central is a socially conscious marketplace that helps people get a better deal from the justice system by connecting them with investors who believe in their cases.

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