Reelio Inc. – a platform connecting and facilitating partnerships among brands and YouTube celebrities – is hiring a Communications Associate (the CA) to address critical internal communications in our organization and coordinate external social media communications, as we effectively manage aggressive growth in our user base, sales, headcount, and footprint.

The CA will report directly to the CEO and work with him and other executive leadership to design, implement, and maintain internal communications infrastructure and best practices that meet the needs of our rapidly growing organization. In addition, CA will report to Marketing to assist in posting and coordinating Social Media Marketing messaging for community and customer outreach, as well as make social media recommendations for the future. The intern hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills and should be excited about social platforms, especially YouTube, in order to integrate into our vibrant and passionate team and gain a ton of great communications experience.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure effective internal communications between employees that have differing informational needs, from working on the same team or across functional teams, with varying scopes of responsibility, and operating out of our NY, LA, and other existing and planned domestic and international locations;
  • Assist in communications between the company and its shareholders, customers, prospective customers, strategic partners, and YouTube content creators;
  • Coordinate with other external stakeholders, including the press, executives at YouTube and other companies in the online video ecosystem, government and community leaders, families of employees, and others.
  • Monitor and coordinate posting Reelio content to social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Familiarize or learn Hootsuite, as well as willingness to get into social media analytics (eg. Iconosquare, Twitter Analytics, Facebook analytics, etc.)
  • Familiarity with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and familiarity or willingness to explore social platforms such as Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Vine for business and personal use.
  • Online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and more.
  • Assist with social media optimization and coordinate social media initiatives with agencies.


The ideal candidate possesses:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills;
  • An ability to grasp the big picture while simultaneously addressing the myriad small details of daily work;
  • Discipline, ethics, integrity, humility, and strong personal and professional habits;
  • An insatiable desire for self-improvement;
  • An ability to process rapidly changing events, to quickly assess and address the unique informational needs of the aforementioned stakeholders in response to these changing events, and to assimilate learnings from these experiences into well-defined processes for ongoing communications best practices.

Reelio values diversity in all its forms, and so there is no specific educational or professional background required as long as the candidate possesses the previous qualities.  However, certain backgrounds that might indicate possession of these qualities include:

  • A degree in Communications or Creative Writing from a competitive four-year institution.
  • 2-3 years of experience in fast-growing, fast-changing companies and industries.
  • Experience with regular publication of written and/or video content
  • Entrepreneurship (either starting a company yourself or working in a startup)

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