Cogo Labs is seeking Web Design Interns to join us during the Summer of 2016, at our office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Applicants must live or currently be located in the Greater Boston area. 

Why you might want to spend your summer with us:

We are a data-driven, experimental business incubator. We study why things make money on the web, so that we, too, can make money on the web. We’re actually pretty good at it. We do all of the buzzwords: big data, growth hacking, disruption–well, maybe not disruption. We kind of fly under the radar, which is just the way we like it. 

Okay, so why would I go to a tech incubator instead of an ad agency?

Good question. You’d probably come here if you were interested in studying how people respond to design decisions. We do a lot of a/b testing and other kinds of design analysis–just like the biggest agencies and all of the largest online companies like Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. If you want real-world, first-hand experience, doing things that they aren’t teaching you in school, you should send us an email. 

That actually sounds… really cool!

We agree. So, you should drop everything and send us your resume and portfolio samples right away. Talk to you soon! 

Who we’re looking for:

  • We’re looking for a couple of full-time web design interns (paid) for the coming summer. Successful candidates will have some education and/or practical experience with graphic design and basic website coding, as demonstrated by a portfolio site. 
  • Expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, or Indesign is a must. 
  • Bonus points will be awarded for the tangentially-applicables: javascript, marketing communications, statistics, a cool cosplay Tumblr, etc.


About Cogo Labs

We're building cutting-edge tools and harnessing the power of big data in order to create a sustainable, repeatable process for building successful web companies.

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