Cogo Labs is seeking Software Engineers of all stripes. If you’d like to join a successful, data-driven, entrepreneurial startup incubator, you should probably keep reading.
We need people to help design, build and maintain: 
  • Our ever-expanding suite of analytics and testing tools–used by our Quantitative Analysts and Data Scientists in their efforts to study, model, and generally explode the limits of what business can do on the internet. Real time data visualization, multi-armed bandit algorithms, measuring and reporting on all aspects of the businesses we incubate.
  • Internet marketing automation. We use the insights and data from our analytics to drive some of the most sophisticated marketing campaign automation out there–operating at Internet scale and algorithmically optimized in real time.
  • High-traffic websites. All of those marketing campaigns drive millions of visitors daily to some of the most profitable and fastest-growing web businesses in the world, and we’re constantly working to reduce latency and maximize usability.
Our technology stack:
  • Is constantly evolving. Right now we use databases like MySQL, Postgres, and Redshift; languages like Python, Ruby, Go, and Lua; and other fun technologies like Hadoop, Redis, and RabbitMQ. Have a tool you love to use? We’re open to suggestions.
The kind of engineers who succeed here:
  • Possess strong Computer Science Fundamentals. We need engineers with a deep background in designing algorithms, building scalable systems, and writing great code.
  • Are self-starters. There are people who like to work on problems provided to them, and there are people who prefer to define the problem and own the solution. We’re only looking for the latter; Code Monkey doesn’t work here.
  • Love Business and Entrepreneurship. Mostly we’re looking for people who have, at one point or another, started something, been involved in the early stages of something, or really, really want to start something.
  • Are sociable, outgoing, and fun. We aren’t going to lie, here: we’re a bit nutty and we like to hire people like us. Every company has a culture; ours happens to be a little more relaxed than most.

About Cogo Labs

We're building cutting-edge tools and harnessing the power of big data in order to create a sustainable, repeatable process for building successful web companies.

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