Responsibilities include:
  • Define high-performance, high-availability, secure software and virtual/cloud infrastructure for Silverrail’s products.
  • Design and implement the deployment of our product to the virtual/cloud infrastructure achieving reliable, 0-down-time deployments, upgrades, recover, roll-backs.
  • Be a full-fledged member of both the DevOps and Operations teams to ensure that systems and operational processes are efficient, agile and flexible, while aligning with DevOps best practices.
  • Assess, design, sponsor and prototype the adoption and deployment of state-of-the-art systems/operational tools for a next generation Data Center e.g. monitoring, alerting, backups, disaster recovery, high availability
  • Monitor and assess performance bottlenecks, at all tiers, web, application and data; drive optimizations and solutions.
  • BSCS or equivalent is highly desirable
  • The candidate must have a working knowledge of high quality software development and best practices e.g. continuous integration, Agile etc. Experience with one or more software domain viz. Enterprise Java, Ruby, .NET etc. is required.
  • Must have deep familiarity with UNIX, especially Linux. Must be fluent with UNIX scripting and one or more modern scripting/integration languages like Python, Groovy, Ruby.
  • Must have some experience with cloud and/or data-center automation e.g. with modern deployment frameworks like Chef/Puppet/Ansible or similar
  • Must have participated in the assessment, selection and deployment of modern operational data-center technologies e.g. firewalls, logging, monitoring etc.
  • Must demonstrate a working knowledge of data-center design for security. Familiarity with the technical aspects of security auditing, firewalls, compliance (e.g. PCI/PII) is highly desired.
  • Familiarity with the set-up of some cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS, Openstack/Xen) is required.
  • Experience designing for, and deploying highly scalable web and/or Enterprise applications is required.
  • Experience designing and building high transaction applications is highly desired.
  • The candidate must have a working knowledge of Networking. Familiarity with the basics of networks/switches/routers/load-balancers/VLANs etc. is required.

About SilverRail Tech

SilverRail is a transformative technology business with a mission to make global rail available, affordable and accessible. The first rail revolution set the world in motion, heralding an era of connectivity, commerce and progress. The second revolution is digital, and SilverRail is at the helm. SilverCore is the first unified platform for global rail, connecting global rail carriers with the worldwide ecosystem of travel distributors & retailers. SilverRail is set to unlock the global rail renaissance and see rail reshape short and medium haul travel forever. Today, our growing team of travel and e-commerce experts, mathematicians and software engineers work out of offices in London, Boston, Brisbane and Stockholm.

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