About the Gig:

  • This PhD internship is between September 2015 to January 2016
  • You will manage each new professor’s customized onboarding journey and ensure they are totally ready to adopt the platform for their upcoming class
  • You ensure customers are familiar (some might say experts) with using the platform in their classroom
  • You will share best practices on how to format lectures and effectively teach using the Top Hat platform
  • You ensure that each professor is proactively prepared for the beginning of the semester to ensure full readiness of both the students and professor
  • You will manage your full onboarding pipeline of new professors from signing the contract, to training, to full utilization, to the first day of class

About You:

  • You are very organized and comfortable managing high volume of training sessions and tasks
  • You are eloquent in your communication skills (especially over the phone, you have a way in establishing relationships)
  • You are familiar with technology and competent with computers
  • Ideally you’re comfortable with Mac AND Windows
  • Having a teaching or training background is highly preferred

About Top Hat:

Top Hat is a high growth education technology company; we provide tools to make teaching more interactive, fun and engaging. Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful classroom engagement tools.

We have a vibrant culture of brilliant people who are innovators, thinkers, and creative geniuses.  We believe in defying the status quo and we want smart people like you to join us.

The life of a Top Hatter also comes with other sweet perks too:

  • Outstanding company culture, with a team that is super smart, highly motivated & stoked to be a part of a company that is changing the face of education..
  • We offer breakfast and catered lunch every day!
  • We are conveniently located right by College & Yonge and we can help subsidize your metro pass.
  • Weekly contests for great prizes such as: tickets to sporting events, Ipads, shopping sprees, cash incentives, trips to the Caribbean etc.
  • We are one of the top education technology companies in North America (named #1 of the Top 50 Companies to Watch by Deloitte Consulting!)
  • Our dress code is casual and we hope you’ll get behind our Top Hat traditions of Plaid Tuesdays and Tip Top Fridays!

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